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Paagoria is a 2D-MMORPG Sidescrolling game that will have a player sustained economy. Paagoria has professions which will allow you to progress from level to level allowing you to craft certain items or gather a certain resource. You can choose different classes, each having its own unique play style. If you like throwing fireballs, firing volleys of arrows, or getting close and personal with your foes you can play as either a Rogue, Warrior, Ranger, Druid, or Mage. Each character class will have a skill tree with two different paths to choose from. This will allow you to change your play style throughout the game. Paagoria will have a unique storyline and will have many quests to complete. Additionally, completing achievements will allow you to obtain accomplishment points that can be spent in the achievement shop. Fight bosses with friends or clan-mates by joining or creating a clan. Join the adventure today by downloading the launcher!



Uses stealth to assassinate and destroy his foes.


The spell slinging sorcerer can annihilate groups of enemies with one cast of his wand.


The transforming and nature nurturing character who can become a bear and ferociously kill his enemies.


The long range hunter who can change the tide of battle from his shots.


The strong melee wielding character who uses swords to slay his foes.


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